A Tribute to Dr. Neal Sayers

A Tribue to Dr. Neal Sayers

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"Go big or go home, baby."  Having heard that statement hundreds of times I knew what was to follow; a big step of faith, a big blow-out Fourth of July party, a big remodeling project in the house or, as was often the case, a significant dedication of time and resources to those in need.  Becoming the hands and feet of Jesus.  Giving without hesitation.

Neal met Andre and quickly learned of his ministry.  He immediately recognized an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus and he was all in - Go Big or Go Home.  Recruiting those around him, Neal soon had all of his employees and many of his patients donating to Andre's ministry.  He insisted his sons and employees volunteer at the annual giving events with him.  It was a perfect fit for someone who was so passionate about touching those in need with the heart of Jesus.  

In addition to his dedication to No Strings Attached, Neal used his chiropractic practice daily to share the word of God with those who were in pain, both physically and emotionally. Neal was not only gifted in healing the physical pain, he was also intuitive in recognizing those in need of God's word to provide emotional healing.  With a bold spirit Neal would speak the truth of God's love to those most in need.  He touched many lives and changed many more in both his treatment rooms and in small groups. 

I am certain No Strings Attached has a bold advocate in heaven. A guardian angel.  He is a reminder to all of us to do what he no longer can, be the hands and feet of Jesus.  And while you are doing so you may be reminded - Go Big or Go Home.

-Becky Sayers