Rick Caldevilla

Richard S. Caldevilla, Sr.
President of Caldeco Mechanical Services, Inc.

In 1989, Rick Caldevilla sold his classic Corvette to fulfill his long- time dream of owning his own air conditioning and heating company. Now, in 2018, Rick's company, Caldeco Mechanical Services, Inc., is one of Tampa’s largest air conditioning and heating service and replacement companies.
Rick and his family are very proud of their Hispanic heritage. Born in Tampa, Florida in 1964 to Jose and Angela Caldevilla, Rick thinks that he inherited his entrepreneurial spirit from his immigrant grandparents and his strong work ethic from his parents. One set of grandparents, Pepe and Maria Caldevilla, owned a grocery store in Ybor City. His other set of grandparents, Angelo and Lucy Vanacore, owned an ice company that delivered ice to homes and businesses in Ybor City and West Tampa. Both of Rick’s parents are “workaholics” and excellent role models. Rick graduated from Hillsborough High School in 1982. As a teenager, besides cutting lawns in the neighborhood, Rick worked for his uncle’s ice business in the summer and home fuel oil delivery business in the winter. It was then that he realized that home services was the field that would fulfill his financial dreams. In high school, Rick set a goal to own and operate the best and largest air conditioning and heating company in the Tampa Bay area. After high school, Rick graduated from Erwin Vocational Technical Institute and he then went to work for Tom Castellano's independently owned HVAC Company. Rick knew that in order to be successful in his own business, he would have to learn every aspect of the day-to-day operations, and Castellano gave him that chance. At age 26, Rick was Castellano's Service Manager and Vice President. Soon thereafter, in 1989, Rick and his wife, Patti, decided it was time to start their own company.
Today, Caldeco has over 38 vehicles serving the bay area and is one of the leading Carrier service and replacement dealers on the West Coast of Florida. Carrier Corporation has honored Caldeco as a Distinguished Dealer in 1999 and awarded the company with the President’s Award in 2007, 2009, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. In February of 2016, Rick was awarded the Outstanding Citizen of West Tampa Award from the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce and Optimist Club. Rick is also a leader in our community, and serves on the Board of Directors of the Centro Asturiano, the West Tampa Chamber of Commerce, St. Lawrence Housing and the Shelter Ministry Board of the St. Petersburg Diocese and frequently sponsors various charity events throughout the city.
Rick has a passion for the revitalization of Old West Tampa. He has restored two major buildings and constructed a new distribution center for his air conditioning company right in the heart of West Tampa. As the company continues to grow, Rick will never forget the sacrifices made by his parents who instilled the work ethic that has made it possible for great achievements, and his grandparents and great grandparents who left their families in Spain and Italy for a better life for their family. Rick and Patti are the proud parents of Marlo, age 25 and Richard, Jr., age 23.