Our Story

Our Story


to No Strings Attached! The plight of the Homeless has always been something that has tugged on my heart strings. I am that person who drives up to a red light and is heartbroken every time I see someone standing on the corner. Every set of eyes tells a different story, and it’s one that I want to know. In early November of 2007, I woke up particularly thankful for all of my tremendous blessings: an amazing family, fantastic friends, employment, a roof over my head and all life’s basic necessities. It was in that moment, amongst others, that I reflected over the passage, “To whom much is given, much is required.” I was convicted that I could do more. That same day, I sent out an email to all my friends and family to ask for clothing donations. I wanted to give the homeless something tangible that could last. Something that they could take with them and have for a longer duration. Something that was a basic necessity that is difficult for them to provide for themselves. It was important to me to interact with our patrons, hear their story, shake their hand, and let them know how much they are loved.

Through the course of doing this and to the scope that it’s grown, WE have had the tremendous blessing of donating surplus to at least six other ministries that assist the disadvantaged, homeless, and orphans across the greater Tampa Bay Area. One such agency, Dressed for Success, assists the disadvantaged in getting interviews & resume’s. Some of the suits/blouses/slacks and interview type clothes will go to that agency because there is less use for that type of clothing on the street.

The people we serve have big hearts, pride and self-esteem, and anything that is soiled or un-presentable is not needed. All items that remain after Thanksgiving morning are saved for Christmas morning, and anything remaining after that is donated to the Salvation Army, Metropolitan Ministries, and Hyde Park United Methodist’s Open Arms Ministry.  If there are any other agencies you might know that need assistance, please let us know, as we would be glad to share with them as well.  Between my employer (The Bank of Tampa), Church (Morningstar Church), Jesuit (my Alma Mater), Berkeley and other close friends, I have been so fortunate to build a support network of people who assist the mornings of.  If you should like to participate in the distribution as a volunteer, please click on the Volunteer link as we can always use an extra hand.

In November, 2012, I lost my close friend and right hand in this ministry, Dr. Neal Sayers. The response from the entire Tampa Community was extremely touching and very much appreciated. In 2014 we surpassed 35,000 items donated between Thanksgiving and Christmas and had over 70 volunteers that helped us serve a record 500 plus recipients on Christmas morning alone!  We have come a long way from year one, 2007, when 1,448 items were distributed. Together, we have reached new heights, and every single item donated matters and will go to good use.

No donation amount is too large or too small. WE have been blessed to provide for many disadvantaged in a big way, and on behalf of the years of recipients, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Please help us reach more individuals and organizations by spreading the word. 

Thank you all in advance for your truly amazing past, present, and future support.

God Bless,
Andre Kirwan